The Gwillym (Gwillim, Guillim, Guillym, Gwyllim) family history

Gwillym monuments in St Deinst Church, Llangarron

The main Gwillym monument in St Deinst's, on the left of the east end window, says:
Near this place lye interred the Body's of William Gwillym Senr. of Langston Esqr. who died April 28 in the Year of our Lord 1698, in the 68 Year of his Age.   And of Benedicta his Wife, Daughter of William Hoskyns of Bernithan Gent who died the 19 of January 1693, in the 64 year of her Age.   And also the Body's of William Gwillym Junr. Esqr. Son of the said William and Benedicta, who died 24TH. Feb: 1706, in the 55 year of his Age.   And of William his second Son by his Wife Elizabeth, second Daughter, & Coheiress of Robert Kyrle of Walford Court Esqr. who died March 23d. 1709, in the 15 Year of his Age.   Near this place lye also the Body's of William and Jane, Son, and Daughter of Robert Gwillym of Langston Gent: and Jane his wife.   Thay [sic] departed this life in ye year of our Lord 1717.

The 24 February 1706 date of death for William the younger contradicts the 4 February date in Robertson's History.

A second Gwillym monument, on the west wall of the nave north of the belfry, says: In full Assurance of a Resurrection underneath lies the mortal Part of JANE Daughter of the late Robert Symonds of Sugwas in this County Esqr, and wife of Robert Gwillym of Langstone in this Parish Esqr Who Died 22 May 1727 Aged 37 with the like Confidence of Arising to Immortality
HE also Here lied down to Sleep 28 Novr, 1750 Aged 58

The last sentence of the inscription, referring to Robert the elder, is squeezed for lack of space.

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