Jones family history

Edward Atherton Pearce Jones (1909-1976) (second cousin, once removed – my father's cousin)

Known as Tommy, he was baptized at Llangarron on 22 September 1909, inherited Langstone in 1935 and lived here until 1954, when he sold the house to my uncle Colin; and the farm to Harry Amos, the tenant farmer, because Colin couldn't afford the whole property.   I believe he wanted to move sooner but presumably he stayed while his mother, Louisa, was alive (she died in 1952).   He intended to get married but this didn't work out.   Tommy died on 27 May 1976 and was buried at Bosham, near Chichester, on 4 June.

By all accounts he was quite a character.   He was crippled by polio as a child but threw himself into all sorts of activities, for example riding with the Ross Harriers.   He enjoyed his carpentry and allegedly used the 1825 dining room table in the hall (now the drawing room) as his workbench.   I believe he built a boat at Langstone.   He also kept pigs in the walled garden, which used to come right up to the parlour windows.   There is also a story that he kept the family silver in a box in the stable because the pony would stand guard and deter any thieves.

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