Jones family history

Revd Hugh Richard Austen Jones (1907-1964) (uncle and godfather)

Hugh, the eldest son of Richard and Helen Jones, was born on 24 December 1907.   He went to Jesus College, Cambridge, graduating in June 1933.   He was ordained deacon in the Church of England on 24 September 1933 and priest on 23 December 1934.   He was licensed to serve as Stipendiary Curate in the Church of St Paul, Cheltenham.   In 1937 he went to Palestine to work for the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ).   After six months' language training he spent seven years in Tel Aviv and was then incumbent of Christ Church, Jerusalem, from 1945-1964.   He was appointed an Honorary Canon of St George's, Jerusalem in 1948.   After Jerusalem was divided in 1947 (the Old City and Christ Church being on the Jordanian side) he held services at the CMJ hospital compound and at St. Paul's Church.   But as the official incumbent, he was granted a special pass to cross the border enabling him to keep contact with Christ Church. i

Prompted by my father's marriage in June 1952, he married Ursula Henriette Nehab, who was also working for CMJ and went back to Jerusalem in 1952, on 15 April 1953, aged 45 (he became my godfather on 6 June 1953).   Ursula was born on 10 January 1927 in Schmargendorf, Berlin.   Her father was a German/Polish Jew: Paul Georg Nehab, architect, born on 5 June 1892 in Lissa, Posen; died on 28 August 1975 in Bad Kissingen, Germany.   The family escaped from Germany to Palestine in 1935/36.   They had two children: Beatrice Anne, born on 23 March 1954 in Nazareth; and Rhoda Helen, born on 11 November 1956 in Jerusalem.   Hugh died in London on 14 February 1964 and was buried in New Southgate Cemetery (Arnos Grove).

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