Jones family history

Thomas Joseph Jones (1857-1935) (great uncle)

Joseph, Uncle Joe to my father's generation, was born on 12 January 1857, took a BA at Cambridge and inherited Langstone when his father, Dr John, died in 1895.   He married Louisa Selby, daughter of Atherton Selby of Atherton Hall, Leigh, Lancashire in 1902, aged 45. i   The Selbys were estate managers of Bank Hall, Bretherton, from 1860 until the First World War. ii   It's fascinating that the Joneses, like the Gwillyms, also had a connection to Atherton. (Langstone was settled on Robert Gwillym the younger and Elizabeth Atherton when they married in 1738, but they soon moved to Leigh and by 1748 were living at Atherton Hall, thus paving the way for the sale of Langstone to the Joneses in 1794: see here.) iii

Joseph and Louisa had three children: Hilda Constance Selby, baptized at Llangarron on 14 September 1903, married Henry Woodbine Parish (from the Manor House, Ganarew) at Llangarron on 21 August 1940, died on 4 March 1979 and was buried at Hereford Crematorium on 8 March; Mary Louise Oakeley, born on 18 June 1906, baptized at Llangarron on 11 September 1906, died on 5 July 1907 and was buried at Llangarron on 9 July; and Edward Atherton Pearce, known as Tommy. Joseph died on 14 February 1935 and was buried at Llangarron on 18 February. Louisa died aged 78 and was buried at Llangarron on 3 March 1952.   There is a brass monument inscribed Louisa Jones of Langstone Court on her grave marker in the churchyard. iv

It would seem that Joseph still owned at least Llancayo Farm and Treberran Farm at the time of his death.   A letter from his solicitors to my grandfather Richard, dated 28 February 1935, informs him that a ½ share of Llancayo Farm and £1222.3.7 War Stock being the proceeds of Llancayo House is vested in him for life; also a ½ share of Treberran Farm after the death of Miss B.E.Jones (and a ½ share of £1422.13.0 War Stock proceeds of Hill Farm on the death of Miss B.E.Jones).

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