Quiet Garden

The Quiet Garden Movement encourages the provision of places where people can have an opportunity to set aside time to rest and to pray. Langstone Court has space which is well suited for this purpose and was affiliated to The Quiet Garden Movement on 24 June 2013.

The main facility is the shrub garden created in 1987-88 within a walled area on the south-west side of the house. But visitors are welcome to use any part of the garden on the days on which it is open as a Quiet Garden: 2nd Mondays & Tuesdays, April-September, 10.00am-6.00pm.

For the time being there are no formal arrangements for the day. You are welcome to come at any time you want to enjoy the colours, shapes and sounds of the garden and through it to recover peace within yourselves. In due course, when I am more settled here, this may evolve into occasional more structured days, which will be advertised.

Please ring the doorbell when you arrive. Coffee or tea will be available.

Under the old apple and mulberry trees
Under the old apple and mulberry trees